ZOMBIE TV Episode One | MUSIC LIVES !! On YouTube


The venues were shut and our gigs were cancelled but
our passion to play could not be diminished so easily,
so we beamed into your homes via YouTube.

This is ZOMBIE TV … the last broken radio of the Apocolypse …
well, oldest laptop and worst webcam anyway.

Episode one… MUSIC LIVES! was broadcast from “Da Joncave”
That’s our Bassist Jon Owens’s flat aka ‘ZOMBIE TV CENTRAL’
We played some Sisters of Mercy, a little slice of our forthcoming ALBUM,
& a few other great covers requested by yourselves on the Live Chat.

Unfortunately, Tamsin fell ill on the day and we couldn’t take any risks
so we couldn’t do a live show as a full band which was a shame.
We then had to think up an alternative plan with very little time.
So we turned Jon’s flat into a TV studio 20mins before we went live.
We spent the remaining 3 mins trying to hatch a plan as to what to do !

A big thank you to everyone who tuned in though and we hope it was entertaining in some abstract way… it wasn’t a ‘normal’ week really and these vids prove it !!
It was actually the last time we were all in the same room together.
Very strange.

So, all in all, a bit hit and miss but if we can pull that together in a couple of hours, just think what we all can do to stay connected using very basic laptop tech.

We really enjoyed it and had fun interacting.
We would be grateful if you can just post in the comments a
“We are Souls” if you were there.

The planning stages of Episode 2 began last night, we’ll keep you posted !

Peace, love #bekind #staysafe #wearesouls

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