Souls Sign to Secret Sin Records

Souls Of Misfortune are feeling thrilled to make this big step.

Secret Sin Records began life as the home of Angels Of Liberty, a Gothic Rock band from the UK created by Voe Saint-Clare, songwriter, musician, and mastermind of the project, with backing vocals from his wife, Scarlet Powers. Voe created the label as a tool for publishing his own work but very quickly brought other acts into the SSR fold, including Snakedance, Minnie D’arc, and Fear Inc, to name a few…. 

The Kentucky Vampires

SSR released the album, “As The Young Die” by Costa Rican band Last Dusk, which then paved the way for a host of new bands and new releases. To date, these are as follows; 

  • Guillotine Dream (UK), Something Shining Something Bright EP
  • The Kentucky Vampires (USA) TKV 12” Green Vinyl Album
  • Red Apple Cvlt (CR) Immaculate EP
  • Fear Incorporated (UK) Songs For Midnight’s Children
  • Merry’s Funeral (TR) Medusa
  • Scary Black (USA) Shadow Dwellers
  • Grey Gallows (GR) Shades
  • Gina Stone (UK) Webs & Ashes
  • Screaming Dead (UK) Resurrection EP 

​Plans are in place for more releases, Secret Sin Records Ltd continue to grow and move forward with new and established artists joining the label. With 2020 fast approaching, there will be live events and more collaborations in store. Stay tuned!

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