Gratitude | Compilation for the NHS

Gratitude’ Part 1 is out NOW !
Click on the link below to download
All money made will go to the NHS 🙂

Deadfall, Secret Sin Records ltd and The Cage studio’s have collaborated to release a compilation of alternative music for digital release via Bandcamp on Friday the 15th may 2020, all proceeds made will be going to the NHS.

The Souls Of Misfortune were over the moon to be asked to contribute a track to the compilation and are very excited to be included on Gratitude Part 1, which was launched today.

They had a huge response when they asked bands to donate tracks to this compilation, over 80 bands in all ! They intend to use all the tracks sent to them, but they have had to split this into 2 parts, 1st part was out today, 15th may and second part TBA soon after . Here is the band list for the first part :

Gratitude Part 1 bands, in no particular order :

Global Citizen
Souls Of Misfortune
Kentucky Vampires
The Rope
System Of Hate
13th Chime
The Last Cry
Naked Lunch
Angels Of Liberty
The Glass House Museum
Dark Room Duke
Trouble Fait
Lost Souls
Contaminated Intelligence
Death Party UK
Brand New Lovers
Rome Burns
Guillotine Dream
Raven Said
Last Dusk
Prole Position
The Vaulted Skies
Dead Space Chamber Music
Future Daughters
Gina Stone
Ian Williams
The Blue Hour
Turning Black Like Lizards
Pilgrims Of Yearning
Mona Mur
Johnathan Christian

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