Dead Pigeons On Asphalt Studio Version

DEAD PIGEONS ON ASPHALT is the first studio recording from our debut Album ‘SOULS OF MISFORTUNE’ due for release in Summer 2020 on Secret Sin Records. Recorded in 4 separate domestic locations in April of the 2020 Lockdown & mixed by our Bassist Jon Owens at the Zombie TV studios in Pymouth, England


Dead pigeons on asphalt
Compassion is a dirty word
Cloned bodies of plastic
Built to outlast our world
Reptilians hatching
In my brain and across the walls
Flying saucers banging at my window
Crashing on my lawn

It cuts the silence like a razors edge
Life is tough and you’re so weak you bend

Doom seeker, counting the days
As the ice melts and the seas begin to rise
Loudspeakers on repeat
But i don’t want to hear it, going on and on and on and on
I bet you wish you could have been there at the fall of man
I bet you wish that you could watch us ruin everything

Flea-bitten, scratching Can’t stop the bugs from multiplying
Underlying infections
Broken engines, running on empty
Dead pigeons on asphalt
Compassion is a dirty word
Slow death for everyone
Dead pigeons on asphalt

The weeds are growing fast around me
This is a lonely place… without a friend

All Copyrights belong to Souls Of Misfortune © 2019

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